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About us



A cooking school, but above all a meeting place for those who want to pursue or perfect the “craft of taste”; a place of learning where different experiences intertwine.

Four friends. Four different ways of thinking about cooking. Four visions that converge in the enthusiasm of a shared project that has a common denominator: the passion for one’s craft. Four professionals in constant balance between a past which is rich in culinary traditions and a future of new frontiers of food and innovation.


Our History


Since 2018 we have been offering the knowledge of professional chefs, who have decades of experience. The best professionals in the sector, known both nationally and internationally, share their know-how on specific preparation methods, with the use of technical machinery, also introducing the chemistry of the elements, with a focus on well-being as well as taste.


The classes are structured both to increase the knowledge of those who are already chefs or to train future ones. Followed step by step by chef trainers, recognised throughout the sector, such as Paolo Cappuccio, Corrado Corti, and many others who will teach specific classes based on their specialisation, in order to offer the best possible training. All the classes come with a recognised certificate of participation.



Not just concepts: we believe teaching is a moment of personal growth, sharing and exchange. We believe in sustainable cooking based on fair costs, which promotes local products and seasonal food. Food waste reduction is a broad concept; something at the forefront of our minds in both our practical and theory classes. We get inspiration from experiential learning, where rigour and passion go hand in hand. Our educational paths strengthen individual and group skills, so that teamwork becomes a partnership of intentions and objectives – exactly what a kitchen crew should be.


Our Values

CHEF per CHEF is inspired by the promotion and growth of the professional Italian food and wine culture, in order to encourage and promote the restaurant sector as an essential moment for the growth of the Company, and as an active factor in the development of the entire community.

As a non-partisan and non-profit association, Chef per Chef brings together all those who share the partnership in the sector. The organisation pursues the aim of promoting the Italian food and wine culture abroad.

Our chefs

Paolo Cappuccio

Executive Chef and Professional Catering Consultant

Neapolitan by birth and temperament, with a determined, self-centered and a little crazy look, Paolo Cappuccio started his vocation as a cook at the age of 14, experimenting and continually putting himself to the test. He attended and still attends qualified courses and schools that have allowed him to experience the most important realities of the world’s gastronomy and with internationally renowned chefs, because “you never stop learning“.Born in 1977, he is certainly not a simple guy: if you ask him to define himself in five words, the self-portrait he makes of himself sounds more like a challenge: “I am unpleasant, poisonous, romantic at times, not at all diplomatic and impulsive”.

Madness, Mediterranean spirit, product and quality are the cornerstones of his philosophy. One of his favourite foods is Foie Gras.
His CV is filled with significant experiences and travels that have allowed him to continue to grow and improve.He has attended some of the most important institutions of the world’s gastronomy scene, including Châteauneuf-du-pape; he knows internationally famous chefs such as Alain Ducasse and Paul Pommel and shares many aspects of international and Mediterranean cuisine with them.In 2004 he started working at the Stube Hermitage in Madonna di Campiglio, and in 2009 he won his first Michelin star.
Today he spends his time between teaching and consulting for restaurant openings, personnel selection and training, balancing menus for wellness, sports and anti-aging cuisine.

Corrado Corti

Executive Chef at Belmond Hotel Splendido in Portofino Portofino

Born in the Lombardy region, Corrado Corti sailed many seas on the legendary Princess Cruise company and worked in the kitchens of prestigious hotels in Courmayeur, Cortina d’Ampezzo, Madonna di Campiglio, Costa Smeralda and the French Riviera, followed the opening of the Hotel Belrose of Saint Tropez in Japan and even Portofino. And it was in the enchanted Gulf of Tigullio that Corti found his great love in 1999: La Terrazza restaurant of the Belmond Hotel Splendido in Portofino, one of the most famous hotels in the world and a destination for international jet setters.
Managing the kitchen of a famous place like La Terrazza is always a challenge that the executive Chef Corti overcomes by placing the secret of his art in simplicity, thanks to his creativity, flair and the freedom to personally choose the best raw ingredients; he is just like a jeweller choosing the stones with which he will create his crafts.
Corti travels a lot to discover the flavours of different gastronomic traditions, recreating the harmony between the ingredients and the excellence of raw materials, without ever abandoning the rigour and simplicity of execution.

His menu of choice:

Simplicity, the typicality of Liguria, its raw materials and excellence in the creation of a dish. He loves to experiment with procedures and techniques while respecting the tradition of the dish, but he is never satisfied: “The one ingredient I couldn’t give up, even on a desert island, is aromatic herbs,” says the chef.
His secret dream is on the sea: a boat-restaurant, on which to sail along the Italian coast and cook every day in a different port.

Rocco Costanzo

Chef at Rocco e i suoi fratelli Rapallo

Of Sicilian origins, more precisely from #Capaci, Rocco was born between the fire and the stove: his vision of cooking recalls tradition, with an eye always open to innovation.
His has always been a family “that cooks” and at his childhood home he learned the basics: kneading and cooking at all hours.
He graduated from the hospitality school in Palermo and started working at a very young age: first in a pastry shop, finding his first love, then in a bakery, in a butcher’s shop and then in a dairy farm overnight.
These were experiences that allowed him to understand his true path.
A collaboration with a village inn, to then gain experience in Munich, Luxembourg and at @badruttspalace in Saint Moritz where the real turning point took place: he discovered a new love that intertwines between the kitchen and the dining room and which will lead him to the @belmondvillasanmichele in Fiesole, at the @belmondgrandhoteltimeo in Taormina, at the @belmondsplendidomare in Portofino, to conclude with the @excelsiorpalacehotel in Rapallo.
In #Rapallo, in 2008, together with his brothers he went back to his first true love: cooking. He took over the restaurant of the Hotel #Paraggi and then the ancient Sicilian granita shop in Rapallo which he transformed into their restaurant “Rocco e i suoi fratelli” (Rocco and his brothers) where the meticulous research of raw materials is their philosophy.
“Without good raw materials, cooking doesn’t make sense.”
The kitchen will always be the cultural laboratory where human kind evolves, follow the food and you’ll notice the changes.

Claudio Fortuna

Executive Chef at Grand Hotel Miramare Santa Margherita Ligure

Fortuna comes from Abruzzo – he was born in the province of Chieti and graduated from Ipssar of Villa Santa Maria. He boasts prestigious collaborations, such as those with the @belmondhotelsplendido Hotel in Portofino, the @belmondhotelcipriani in Venice, the @imperialepalacesml in Santa Margherita and the @excelsiorpalacehotel in Rapallo. After several seasons in the most prestigious hotels, ten years ago he arrived in Santa Margherita Ligure, where he became Head Chef of the Vistamare restaurant at the @grandhotelmiramare. Fortuna has collaborated over the years with many Michelin-starred chefs, such as Massimiliano Mascia @maxmascia of the iconic @sandomenicoimola restaurant, with two Michelin stars. The Ligurian gulf is the setting for the delights of our Chef who uses the best local ingredients, following the cycle of the seasons, proposing traditional Ligurian dishes but innovating them and mixing them with the veracity of southern Italy, thanks to his origins, and foreign flavours, thanks to his travels.

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